20 Travel Hashtags for Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Jessica Thiefels on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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If you’re an entrepreneur living that laptop lifestyle, you’re probably looking for great travel hashtags to expand your reach online. Afterall, who doesn’t want to follow an amazing travel account that inspires us to travel the world? 

When I traveled the world for 8 months in 2019 (see all my posts #thiefelsworldtour), I realized with the right travel hashtags, I could reach a much larger audience. This helped begin growing my brand on Instagram while telling stories about travel that my followers could connect with. 

If you’re living the laptop lifestyle, bookmark this list of travel hashtags so you can reach more people, motivate other solopreneurs, and grow your brand. 

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1. #LaptopLifestyleLiving 

Posts: 47.5K 

To get a little more focused and niche (and face less competition), avoid the oversaturated #laptoplifestyle hashtag and instead use this one. You can even use it the way Rachel Hegarty does—she’s not necessarily traveling, but she is targeting clients who do. Get in front of your laptop lifestyle clients by using this hashtag.

2. #TravelChick

Posts: 21.74K

Attract more adventurous women to your community with this hashtag. While the hashtag is relatively general, it gets you in front of other female travelers who are looking to connect with like-minded women. Plus, with so few posts compared to many other travel hashtags, it will be easier to land in the “Top Posts” section of the hashtag search page.

3. #GoExplore ____ [Insert Location] 

The hashtag #GoExplore is a bit too vague, with more than five million posts. But if you combine it with your specific location, it’s more targeted. This allows you to reach travelers in the same area or those researching that spot. For example, #GoExploreGermany has only 23.8K posts. 

4. #Travel ____ [Insert Location] 

Taking a similar tactic, you can promote your favorite cities or countries by using a #Travel___. The beauty is that you can post throwback images for months to come after your trip. You’ll see how I recently posted an adventurous snap of skydiving in Switzerland (using the #TravelSwitzerland hashtag) and related it to a current journey. While I’m not in Switzerland, as a laptop lifestyle entrepreneur, I can still attract travel junkie followers from home. 

5. #GigEconomy 

Posts: 116K 

This one is a no-brainer. You’re living that laptop lifestyle because you’re a part of the gig economy. You can make money on the go, as a solopreneur, freelancer, contractor—you name it. Inspire others dreaming of doing the same by posting pics of your amazing, swoon-worthy, “office” backdrops. Seen here: one of my favorite ways to write, in an Italian villa drinking a spritzer. 

6. #BucketListTravel 

Posts: 193K 

Use this travel hashtag when you’re finally at one of your dream locations. We all have bucket list locations that we want to see and experience in our lifetime. Once you’re there, post pictures, and celebrate that milestone, encouraging your followers to finally check their dream location off their bucket list. 

7. #TravelCouple 

Posts: 592K 

This travel hashtag is for those of us lucky enough to have a partner-in-crime on our journeys, like my husband and I. If you’re traveling with a partner (even if your social account is more professional than personal), take a minute to get real and authentic and post a couples photo. These photos are some of my most engaging from our travels—plus you’re also #couplesgoals for all the S.O.’s out there trying to travel together. 

8. #BuyTheTicket 

Posts: 5K 

How many people are out there are saying, “I want to travel the world.” They’re writing it in their journal, meditating and dreaming about it. But what are they doing to actually get to their destination? I always tell people that Ben and I bought our tickets then figured the rest out. Show your followers that you’re taking action while encouraging those dreamers to do the same.

9. #PushYourBoundaries 

Posts: 20.4K 

You’ll note that there are quite a few exercise-related posts with this hashtag, but that’s why I like using it for travel. You’ll stand out in a crowd of other fitspo-posts. And let’s face it, if you live the laptop lifestyle, you are pushing your boundaries. You’re saying no to the typical 9-5, office-based existence, and instead, choosing to live an intentional life while seeing the world. 

10. #TravelBloggerVibes 

Posts: 138K 

If you’re a writer or marketer, or just want to share your travel experiences, odds are you’re blogging on your journey. Offer inspiration to all the other hopeful bloggers out there that you can get paid to travel and write. I also love adding vibes to the hashtag because there’s much less competition than the just #TravelBlogger. Post pictures that capture the vibes of freedom and happiness that come with living that laptop lifestyle.

11. #Travelpreneur 

Posts: 436K 

This is one of the best travel hashtags for on-the-road business owners. Most entrepreneurs want to be self-employed so they can call the shots, run their business from wherever they choose, and manage their own schedule. #Travelpreneur encapsulates all the reasons why those go-getters out there are doing what they’re doing. Use it when you’re running your business from a new exotic location because we know you got a great photo for the gram while you were at your computer.

12. #DigitalNomadLife 

Posts: 318K

Digital nomad is one of the original terms used to describe millennials living the laptop lifestyle or expat entrepreneurs shacked up in paradise. I loved using this hashtag when I posted photos that truly defined the digital nomad life, like writing my book on a boat while gazing at the Croatian sea. 

13. #TravelMemories 

Posts: 1.5M 

Feeling nostalgic about past trips? Stuck at home because of the pandemic? Or do you simply want to repurpose some of those kick-ass images from your previous adventures? Get every last ounce out of your travel content by posting throwback images and tagging #TravelMemories. While this hashtag has more than one million posts, which is higher than I recommend, it’s a good general one that you can pair with some more targeted travel hashtags.

14. #TravelFriends 

Posts: 154K 

If you’re an adventure-seeker, you’re likely outgoing enough to make new friends along your voyage. One of the best parts of visiting new places around the world is experiencing new cultures and customs. Or meeting fellow adventurers with similar exciting paths. Use this hashtag to salute the friendships you make around the globe and encourage more people to join your community as digital travel friends!

15. #LocationIndependent 

Posts: 468K 

One of the best parts of the remote work revolution is the ability to work from anywhere—as long as there’s Wi-Fi. That’s why this hashtag is popular with digital nomads because not being tied to a specific location is one of the benefits many of us seek to experience. 

16. #LaptopLifestyleLadies 

Posts: 1K 

The last few travel hashtags are for the ladies. This one celebrates the women living the laptop lifestyle and, as an added bonus, has low competition with just more than one thousand posts. Bring more travel ladies into your community with this low-competition hashtag.

17. #SheWanders 

Posts: 79K 

This travel hashtag is for all the free-spirit boss babes out there who follow their intuition and go where their gut leads them. An amazing perk of being a digital nomad is changing the itinerary. If you’re loving a certain city or country, or get a fun new recommendation, you can book a new ticket and wander to a new adventure. 

18. #DigitalNomadWomen 

Posts: 21.3K 

More specific than just #DigitalNomads, this allows the ladies to show off their laptop lifestyle and motivate other women who are aspiring to do the same. Instagram can drive issues with self-esteem and confidence, so I love that this hashtag can be used in an uplifting and empowering caption. 

19. #9toThrive 

Posts: 175K 

This hashtag isn’t inherently female (you’ll notice most posts are lady-leaning), or specifically travel-related, for that matter. However, the message is very much there—we aren’t meant to live to work, get up every day, work 9+ hours, trudge through the evenings, dream of too-short weekends, rinse and repeat. This hashtag reminds us that we should work to thrive in our lives. 

20. #PurposeDrivenBusiness

Posts: 10K 

When you let your purpose drive your path, you’ll end up living a much more intentional and fulfilling life. Choosing to travel while working, see the world, live a location-independent existence, is really one of the most purpose-driven decisions you can make. Use this hashtag to remind yourself that you’re following your intention and attract followers that are looking to do the same! 

Choose the Best Travel Hashtags 

While most travel may be on-pause for 2020, it certainly won’t last forever. Start incorporating these travel hashtags into your Instagram posts about laptop lifestyle to build your audience and connect with like-minded intention-getters.