Our Mission

Our mission is to help you get intentional with your content marketing so you can reach potential customers where they’re searching for you and get your message heard by the people who need it most.

About Our Founder

Jessica Thiefels has spent more than a decade helping companies build thought leadership, increase website traffic, and reach page one of Google through content strategy and creation.

She sees the process through a holistic marketing lens. She and her team use their varied marketing experience, from community building and email marketing to social media management, to ensure all content is not only well-executed and effective, but that it fits into the overall brand voice and marketing strategy.

Ultimately, Jessica has created a data-based approach and hands-off process so her clients can see significant results with very little work on their end. 

She’s also been featured in top publications including Forbes, Yahoo! and Entrepreneur, regularly writes for Fast Company, and has contributed to thousands of websites throughout her career. 

What sets us apart


Organic content marketing is often overlooked because it’s hard to do right and takes time to see ROI. We only do organic marketing and have seen it work time and time again.

Straight-forward engagements

There’s no fine print in our contracts. We agree on a goal and our team executes. If new needs arise, no worries, nothing is ever out of scope. That’s all there is to it. 

Holistic approach

Great organic marketing requires you to look at the problem from all angles. We strategize with a marketer’s eye and create with an editor’s eye to get every detail right.

Proactive communication

Opportunities come through our inboxes daily. You’re always on our mind and we’re always looking for those opportunities that will help us exceed expectations and goals.

Tailored content marketing

Every business is unique. We take the time to understand your business, your users, and your goals ensuring that all strategy and content efforts are catered to your specific needs. 

Data driven

Everything we do is based on data. We track important organic metrics and report on them each month so we can make adjustments to our strategy and you can track growth. 

Ready to Get Intentional?

Let’s do it together. Tell us about your content marketing needs.