• Case Study

How Syntara Systems Used Social Media to Increase Brand Reach By 710%

Syntara Systems Case Study

Key Results


Increase in overall brand reach.


Increase in follower count.


Increase in content reactions.


Increase in content shares.


Increase in content saves.

About Syntara System

Syntara System is a deeply integrative, evolutionary energy healing modality. The organization, founded by Gitanjali Hemp, creator of the Syntara System, offers programs, courses, membership, and training in energy healing. Not just for energy healers but for people to apply those concepts and skills in all types of personal and professional settings.

The Problem

Create a strategy in alignment with brand values

For years, Syntara had done very well filling programs through word of mouth. However, she knew they needed to bring more focus to their organic marketing efforts to increase reach and continue growing. Her goal was to do this with the same level of integrity and alignment they had always maintained up until this point.

The Solution

Ongoing digital marketing strategy and support

Foundation and Strategy

As with all clients, Syntara met with JTC at the start of the experience to talk about branding, goals, and areas of focus. They had an abundance of raw content and the founder, Gitanjali, had plenty of ideas, so our goal was to create structure and strategy in two specific areas: social media and their newsletter.


Working with Jessica this past year has been a joy. She shares her expertise generously with a strong spirit of care and collaboration and conducts herself with professionalism, kindness, and clarity. She’s very thorough in her work, while remaining flexible with real life circumstances, and staying on top of timelines and commitments. This capacity to dance with projects is a rare and precious gift. She has an artistry and sensitivity, and a unique capacity to see the essence of a person/business and the core of their brand. It was a pleasure to have such a capable creative partner to collaborate with on our team and I am forever grateful.

Gitanjali Hemp

Creator & Founder of Syntara System

Content Planning Process

We planned our content around a monthly theme and created all posts for the month at one time. This made it easy to plan ahead so no one was left scrambling. The final content plan for each month included text for all of the Instagram posts, along with links to the graphic or video for each one, which included branded photos, personal videos and Canva-made videos and graphics. This seamless process made review, approval, and scheduling easy for everyone.

Monthly Reporting

In addition to creating content and maintaining strategy, the JTC team delivered monthly reporting on growth and results. This helped the client understand what was happening while also providing insights to refine the strategy as we went. For example, the data quickly showed that Reels had a much higher reach than static posts. This was important for us, so we began prioritizing Reel creation and continued to see growth from there.


Over the course of 10 months, Syntara System saw increases in reach, engagement, and community growth.

  • Total reach increased by 710% from 1,437 people to 11,646 people
  • Followers increased by 20%
  • Content Interactions increased by 46%
  • Content shares increased by 293%
  • Content saves increased 210%

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