• Case Study

How the Paperless Agent Increased Organic Traffic by 141%

Paperless Agent Case Study

Key Results


SEO-optimized blog posts created and published.


3,000-word, SEO-optimized pillar pages created and published.


Increase in organic traffic, from 1,978 to 4,777 per month.


Increase in organic keyword rankings.


Audience-relevant keywords ranked in Google.

About Paperless Agent

Paperless Agent created The Marketing Club, a monthly membership program that takes the guesswork out of real estate marketing. Each month they send all of the content their agents need to implement their proprietary 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System.

The Problem

Reaching the real estate agent audience

Paperless Agent was running a successful monthly membership and already knew the value of creating value-based content like webinars and virtual trainings. They wanted to leverage SEO to reach even more potential members while ranking for key terms that would get them in front of agents for months and years to come.

The Solution

SEO-optimized niche content creation

The Strategy

Our goal was to speak to the real estate agents who were new to marketing, breaking down how to leverage various marketing strategies while also naturally speaking about the benefits of the membership. To do this, we created four blog posts each month and a pillar page each quarter.

Why Pillar Pages?

Pillar pages can be used as a tool to rank for keywords that are hyper-relevant to the audience, but have a high difficulty score. A pillar page goes deeper than a blog post, with 2,500-3,000 words, and is built around a cluster of smaller blog posts that are linked within the pillar page. This in-depth guide can then help drive traffic to the other relevant blog posts while building authority for the website around these particular topics.

Niche Keyword Choice

To reach this particular audience, we targeted keywords that were both marketing and real estate-focused. For example, rather than focusing on a keyword like “how to use Canva” we created a blog post targeting the term “Canva for real estate agents.” Niching down allowed us to speak more directly to their audience, increasing the value of the content.

The Results

Over the course of 10 months, we saw significant increases in organic traffic and keyword rankings. We also developed more than 30 pieces of content that will continue driving targeted traffic to their website.

  • Created and published 36 SEO-optimized blog posts
  • Created and published two 3,000-word, SEO-optimized pillar pages
  • Increased organic traffic by 141%, from 1,978 to 4,777 per month
  • Increase in organic keyword rankings by 23K%
  • Went from ranking for 5 branded keywords to 1,176 audience-relevant keywords

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