Marketing and Social Media Coaching

Are you sick of guessing about what’s working? Are you exhausted from creating so much content? Use 1:1 marketing and social media coaching to amplify your reach and gain the clarity and confidence you need to get results.

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Develop a Marketing Strategy That’s as Powerful as You

Ditch the trends, choose what feels good, and create an aligned and authentic strategy (that works) with our marketing and social media coaching. Your mission is too big to keep guessing.


The tools that Jessica provides helped me create a strategy and tangible goals. Not only that, she helped me identify the metrics that are important to my business and understand how to track them. The support she gave me has made all the difference.

Caitlin Parsons

Founder, The Aligned Hygienist

Here’s How it Works


Choose Your Program

Your offering is as unique as you—so choose the program that fits your needs. All sessions happen on Zoom and provide hands-on training, coaching and support.


Monday-Friday Support

Don’t do this alone any more! In between calls, you can reach out to me via email for support, feedback, or suggestions.


Helpful Resources

Think: less chaos, more organization. (Yes, please!) You’ll get worksheets, templates, and tool suggestions to streamline everything.


Jess not only taught me the strategies I needed to build a strong foundation for my business, but also how to shift my mindset around success. The strategies were really helpful but it was the mindset piece that really changed things for me. Now I approach my marketing with so much confidence!

Nina Marchadesch

Coping + Self Love Mentor

Choose the Marketing or Social Media Coaching Program for YOU

12-Week Coaching Program

If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, know that you need to be held accountable to take action, or just want a marketing partner, this program is for you. We’ll develop or refine your branding, create a marketing strategy that’s aligned with your strengths and brand, teach you our results-driven sales process, and more. Whatever marketing-related details you need support with—we’ll cover them—and get you moving forward once and for all.

This program includes:

  • A complete marketing strategy that you’ll begin executing in week two
  • Six 1.5-hour 1:1 coaching and training sessions via Zoom plus the recordings
  • Hands-on support to set up funnels, determine clear goals, learn tools, refine branding, and develop an aligned strategy
  • Monday-Friday support via email during the course of your program

Investment: $5,000

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Marketing Jump Start

Does this sound like you? You’re familiar with different marketing channels and platforms and know how to create content, but aren’t seeing results (hello, clients and sales calls). You just need help bringing it all together into a tangible marketing plan that you can execute. If so, then this program is what you need.

You’ll learn our Integrated Content Strategy and create a complete 3-month plan in this short and sweet coaching program designed to jump-start your strategy and drive results.

This program includes:

  • Two 1-hour 1:1 coaching and training sessions via Zoom plus the recordings
  • One 45-minute 1:1 follow-up session via Zoom to be used within the following 6 months
  • 3-month marketing strategy and plan including:
    • Monthly themes
    • Content outline for each platform where you’re active (social, blog, email, podcast, etc)
    • Production workflow and tools to create, analyze, and share content with ease
  • Monday-Friday support via email during the course of your program

Investment: $1,200

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Instagram Sales Accelerator

Do you feel like you’re putting hours and hours into Instagram each week but getting no sales or clients? Does sales feel icky and disingenuine to you? It’s time to turn Instagram into a sales tool for your business and this single session will help you do exactly that.

Note that this is best suited for service-based entrepreneurs and coaches. If you run an e-commerce business, this won’t be right for you.

This program includes:

  • One 2-hour 1:1 coaching and training session via Zoom plus the recordings
  • A sales strategy designed for your brand and business, including:
    • 3-question pitch flow
    • Funnel outline and set-up
    • Strategies for handling the “no”
    • How to get conversations started
    • How to find potential clients on Instagram
    • Canva training to create templates for promoting your services via Stories

Investment: $325

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When I started working with Jess I had been building my social media presence for a few years but I was confused and overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure what my intention was and you could tell that in how I showed up. After working with Jess, I am very clear on the value I am adding, I show up with so much joy and my Instagram following has almost doubled.

Dr. Jennier Shaw

Founder, Natural Wellness Tips

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