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In 10 years of content management, I’ve seen it all and I’m prepared to unleash my most valuable skills to make your life easier. Oh, and make your content marketing efforts more effective, of course.

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organic content marketing
SEO & Link Building

This is your blog’s foundation. Like a well-loved home, nothing is left standing without this, and it’s expensive to fix, so get it right the first time.

I help you nail down the SEO for your business blog (think: keywords, keyword placement—all that fun stuff) and build a backlink profile you can brag to all your SEO friends about.

Content Strategy

If I asked you, “Why did you just publish that blog post?” What would you say? With a content strategy, you have an answer. Without one, well… crickets.

A content strategy provides structure and allows you make intentional choices about topics, maintain a consistent voice, and stop wasting time. What does that translate to? An ROI you can be proud of.

Writing & Editing

I firmly believe that work, works. When it comes to blogging, someone has to put in the work—and hey, I’m cool if that person is me. 

I’ve been writing for 10 years and editing for just as long, which means I’m ready to impress your readers. What do impressed readers do? They come back, trust your brand, and… here’s the kicker: turn into customers. (Oh yeah, you read that right.)

Guest Blogging Program Development

This is the best kept secret in content marketing. And I’ll make sure you’re one of the few who benefit from it.

By writing for other sites you can boost traffic, SEO and thought leadership. By inviting guest authors to your blog, you reach a new audience, develop your brand authority, and get fresh content—for free. (Yes, that last part is true.) 

Executive Ghostwriting

Consumers want transparency from brands and that means your CEO can’t hide behind her desk. Yes, she has a great view—but she needs to show her face to customers and one way to do that is with writing. 

I know, I know, she’s a busy lady. Let me put fingers to keyboard for her. I basically kill it at writing, so her words are in good hands. 

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Peeps seem to love what I do

From day one Jess created and executed on an extremely ambitious Content Strategy and Social Media plan. Her drive to execute on her strategy was incredible and we have been so fortunate to work with her. She’s extremely talented, hard working, and dependable. 

Raphael Menko – Co-Founder, Whooo’s Reading

Jessica’s services are by far the best money I have spent on my business. Not only did she create a lot as far as landing page, ads, and funnels, but I she also taught me a lot as far as SEO, how to drive organic traffic, and what marketing resources were available. She’s smart, she’s responsive, and if she doesn’t know, she’ll figure it out. Jessica is thorough and honest, and good at what she does. Believe me, you are in the best hands.

Kristen Knepper – Founder & CEO, Kristen Knepper Consulting

Our visitor numbers, sign ups, and sales are all averaging at an all time high right now. All of the backlink work we did together made a HUGE impact on this! Our organic numbers are STILL rising and our posts are still being impacted by the SEO juice we’re still seeing from many of your links.

Kristen DeCosta – Content Manager, Selz

Jess’ posts are among the top performing on our site and we look forward to having more great content from her in the future.

Dillon Chen — Director of SEO, Prosky

Content is kinda my thing

Which service gets you all giddy and excited? Go ahead, you can tell me.