Organic Content Marketing Services

We’re a boutique agency, specializing in mid-market B2B content strategy, management, and execution.

Not all content is created equal

High-quality, well researched, properly cited content is an investment in your long-term success. Sure, you could hire a team from India or the Philippines for less, but I can guarantee that they won’t get you the results you’re looking for. Plus, you’ll have to spend time and energy hand-holding. 

Best case, you’ll have some content to post on your blog and share on social media, worst case it will actually be detrimental to your brand and organic ranking. 

My team of US-based writers learns about your audience, your brand, and your goals so we can create content that educates your audience, ranks on Google, and drives long-term, sustainable revenue. No hand-holding needed. 

What we DO

Work with high quality writers

Research and and pitch all sites manually 

Work only with reputable sites 

Research and fact check all content 

Site credible sources

Collaborate and provide insights

Work as part of your team 

Stay up-to-date with SEO and marketing trends

Make data-driven decisions

What we DON'T

Outsource to content farms 

Use spam link building practices

Link to sites lower than 40 DA

Write thin content 

Miss deadlines (punctuality is important to us)

Work as a siloed third party

Put your web authority in danger 

Use unnatural linking practices 

Create one-size-fits all content marketing strategies

Your Content Team for Hire

Do you want to increase leads and organic traffic? We’re here to help you do exactly that without hiring an entire in-house team of writers and SEO-experts.

SEO & Link Building

There’s no shortcut when it comes to effective content SEO. It takes a practiced eye and a lot of hard work to get it right. We help you with keyword research, content formatting, link building (guest posting) and more, allowing you to build an authoritative and high-ranking web presence. 

Content Strategy

An effective content strategy provides structure for all of your market facing communications. You’ll use it to prepare for and align blog post content, social media sharing, public relations, and other digital content. It builds consistency around your brand, which is one more step toward greater ROI. 

Writing & Editing

There is nothing more important for your digital presence than quality content. Content brings people to your site and keeps them there. It’s also an opportunity to teach potential customers about how you can solve their unique problems and provide value without asking for anything in return. We do the work to ensure that every piece of content is well-written, relevant, and impactful. 

Executive Ghostwriting

It’s important for your executive team to share their insights about how they see the market. It builds brand credibility and brings visitors to your site or blog. We’ll write on behalf of your leadership—for your own website or third-party publishers—emulating their voice and tone to create content you can be proud of.

Content Packages

The Growth Package

We set you up with an SEO strategy, complete with keywords to target, a brief content SEO audit, and SEO guide so you and your team can implement and start seeing results.

The Launchpad Package

We do the SEO research, create and maintain a content calendar, write the content, publish it, and provide a monthly data report. A 100% turn-key solution.

Add-Ons & A La Carte

Social Media Management

Why hire a full-time social media manager when you can hire my team for less money and none of the risk? We will create and maintain a content calendar, create the assets (video and graphics), publish and report back on the results. If you just need to fill gaps in your process? We can help with that too.

Link Building

SEO is multifaceted and link building is a key factor in ranking on Google. Even a few well-placed links each month will give your high-converting, well-branded pages the boost they need to rank higher and drive more ideal clients to your site.

SEO Pillar Page Creation

Building SEO pillar pages is a great way to rank for difficult, high-search volume keywords that get your brand seen and drive traffic to your site. We’ll do the keyword research and write and publish a 2,500-3,000 word pillar page.

SEO Content Audit

Optimize and update your current content with a comprehensive SEO content audit. We’ll review your pages, make sure you’re targeting the correct keywords, and write new meta descriptions.

One-Off Post Creation

You give us the topics, we write the content. It’s as simple as that. 

Happy Clients

Jessica Thiefels is a brilliant SEO practitioner. Through her proprietary tools and strategies, Jessica doubled our organic site visits and prospects in less than a year. She took our blog to new heights of professionalism, handling every step with zero drag on our internal team. We always knew we were climbing with concise monthly reporting, and she led with joy in every step.

Sarah Marin – COO, Lionel University

From day one Jess created and executed on an extremely ambitious Content Strategy and Social Media plan. Her drive to execute on her strategy was incredible and we have been so fortunate to work with her. She’s extremely talented, hard working, and dependable. 

Raphael Menko – Co-Founder, Whooo’s Reading

Jessica’s services are by far the best money I have spent on my business. She also taught me a lot as far as SEO, how to drive organic traffic, and what marketing resources were available. She’s smart, she’s responsive, and if she doesn’t know, she’ll figure it out.

Kristen Knepper – Founder & CEO, Kristen Knepper Consulting

Our visitor numbers, sign ups, and sales are all averaging at an all time high right now. All of the backlink work we did together made a HUGE impact on this! Our organic numbers are STILL rising and our posts are still being impacted by the SEO juice we’re still seeing from many of your links.

Kristen DeCosta – Content Manager, Selz


How the College of Exercise Science used content to increase student applications by 49%


How Selz Used Link Building to Increase Organic Traffic By 99%

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know what content to create?

We request information about your brand, ideal client, and messaging, and research competitors. We use all that information to begin my keyword research, finding keywords that will best attract your target audience.

How do you SEO-optimize the content?

We use a number of important on-page optimization best-practices including proper internal and external linking, keyword placement, and content formatting. Google looks at 200+ factors when ranking your content and quality of that content, plus proper optimization, are critical factors—and we make sure you check each of those boxes.

What’s in the monthly data report?

The data report includes total organic traffic to the blog and website, along with best performing content, changes in keyword rankings, and if possible, leads and conversions that originated with the blog content we create. This data report depends on what you have set-up through Google Analytics, Hubspot, or other tools, and our team can provide guidance in getting your reporting set up if needed.

Can we start with less articles each month and change our package later?

Absolutely. Because we’re a small firm, we can flex with your needs each month. The only package that requires a 3-month, non-changing commitment is our premium package.

How does your link building work?

Link building is a way to build SEO value to your website by publishing content on other websites. However, our practice for accomplishing this is much different than most. We do all manual research and outreach and every site we work with passes a number of qualifying tests to make sure it’s the right fit for your brand. Link building is about quality, not quantity. You can learn more about link building on the JTC blog.

What’s included in an SEO content audit?

At the end of your SEO content audit, you’ll get a spreadsheet that includes links to the content we’ve audited, which may be all or some of your website content, along with: keyword recommendations and content update recommendations. Depending on your goals, it could also include notes on whether to keep, combine or remove the content. This audit helps you make sure all your current content is optimized as needed to provide the most SEO value so you can begin ranking in Google and be seen by ideal clients.

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