Organic Content Marketing Services

Leverage our content marketing services to create a roadmap to impact so you can start developing content that delivers—for your customers and your bottom line.

Not All Content is Created Equal

High-quality, well-researched, properly-cited content, written for your particular audience, is an investment in your long-term success. Sure, you could hire a team from India or the Philippines for less, but I can guarantee that they won’t get you the results you’re looking for. Plus, you’ll have to spend time and energy hand-holding.

Best case, you’ll have some content to post on your blog and share on social media, worst case it will actually be detrimental to your brand and organic ranking.

My team of US-based writers learns about your audience, your brand, and your goals so we can create content that educates your audience, ranks on Google, and drives long-term, sustainable revenue. No hand-holding needed.

Organic Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services


SEO Content Strategy and Execution

Develop a new stream of customers through organic search while also publishing high-value content that you can repurpose for email marketing, social media marketing, and more. We do the keyword research, writing, editing, and publishing—you reap the benefits.


Social Media Management

Stay active on social media while growing your audience and driving traffic back to your website. We develop the strategy, create the content (video and graphics), publish the posts, and engage throughout the week.


Content Writing Support

You plan the content and we write it for you. From landing pages to emails, we become your go-to content team so you can stay on track with all your marketing needs, no hand-holding required.


Marketing Coaching

Develop your marketing strategy and learn how to execute it yourself with marketing coaching. This 3-month program is a great option for entrepreneurs who are tired of guessing and ready to start seeing results. Learn more about our marketing coaching.


Since starting our work with Jessica, our visitor numbers, sign ups, and sales are at an all time high. The work we did together made a HUGE impact and our organic numbers are STILL rising.

Kristen DeCosta

Content Manager, Selz

What we DO

Work with high quality writers
Research and fact check all content
Collaborate and provide insights
Work as part of your team
Stay up-to-date with SEO and marketing trends
Make data-driven decisions


What we DON’T

Outsource to content farms
Write thin content
Miss deadlines
Work as a siloed third party
Put your web authority in danger
Use one-size-fits all strategies

We Partner With You for 6 Months at at Time

While every client is a little different, most of our engagements follow a similar 6-month timeline. This helps us get to know your brand, learn your voice, and, most importantly, see results from the work we’re doing.

Get in Touch
  • Month 1

    Our 60-minute discovery call helps us get to know your brand and learn about your goals. We use this information to develop our strategy while also making sure to create an integrated and cohesive content experience, both internally and externally.

  • Months 2-6

    This is when we execute on our strategy. Along the way, we have 60-minute alignment calls each month to check-in on strategy, data, metrics and more. We’ve mastered the art of communicating everything you need to know, without adding extra work to your plate.

  • Month 6+

    This is our opportunity to decide what comes next. We can continue working on our strategy or, shift to a 3-month training engagement. I know we won’t work together forever, so if you want to hire someone in-house, I can help you onboard and get them up to speed with 3 months of training and coaching.

    Learn about coaching


Our award-winning Engage Blog has benefited so much from Jessica’s contributions. Her articles consistently perform well and have become some of our top-read content. The most valuable aspect of working with Jessica is her unbeatable can-do attitude and positive energy. She not only delivers great content, but she is such a pleasure to work with.

Kellie Wong

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Achievers

How We Work Together

Your wellness brand is unique, so the content marketing services you need will be unique as well. Here are a few examples of the many ways we can support you and your team.

SEO Team

You know you need to prioritize SEO, but you don’t have the time or resources to make it happen in-house. Let us create the strategy and execute on it for you. This is a “soup to nuts” experience. From strategy to publishing, we do all the work.

Jessica and her team are highly experienced, efficient, and have a concrete process designed to produce results. She gave us our foundation and direction when we had none, and have produced excellent work with zero drag on the internal staff. Best of all, the organic strategy she created will pay dividends for years to come.

Sarah Marin

COO, Lionel University

Marketing Manager

You have employees or contractors to create content, but you need strategy, guidance and management. We’ll step in as your marketing manager to oversee the marketing team and create a streamlined and cohesive experience, both internally and externally.

Working with Jessica this past year has been a joy. Our social media and digital marketing strategy and execution has been incredibly held and tended to. She has an artistry and sensitivity, and a unique capacity to see the essence of a person/business and the core of their brand. It was a pleasure to have such a capable creative partner to collaborate with on our team.

Gitanjali Hemp

Founder, Syntatara System

Content Creator and SEO Consultant

You know all things marketing, and you have a great strategy, but you need a little support on SEO and someone to write the content. We got you. Let us do what we do best: write great content and help you find the keywords you need to start ranking in search.

Jessica fit seamlessly into our existing content process and provided extremely valuable SEO insights. During her time with us she was very accepting of feedback and worked hard to master our voice and tone.

Samantha Anderl

Co-Founder, Harlow

Organic Marketing Team

Organic marketing includes social, website and email, among others, and we can be the organic marketing team you’ve always wanted but haven’t been able to find. Let us take care of everything for you and when you’re ready to hire in-house, we’ll train your new employees too.

As COO and co-founder of Hubgets, I need to be highly productive with my limited time and resources. Working with Jessica proves to be both efficient and effective. And I love that! Jessica helped us drive more organic traffic and improve our SEO score by writing industry-targeted blog articles. The increase in organic traffic has resulted in a higher number of leads, which ultimately means more business for us. We value efficiency and the quality of her work very much. Thank you Jessica for bringing Hubgets closer to its users.

Elena Carstoiu

COO, Hubgets

Marketing Team Coach

You have an existing team of in-house employees or contractors, and they’re ready to do the work, but they need some guidance. Our structured coaching program teaches them everything they need to know to be successful, from strategy to execution.

My team has gotten tremendous value out of Jess’s collaborative social strategy sessions. After each lesson, she gave the team actionable next steps to implement that resulted in immediate positive and measurable results. Her comprehensive training covers everything from content ideas and production tips to hashtag strategies, metrics, and more. If you’re looking to help your team become more proficient in content marketing, I would highly recommend tapping into Jess’s wisdom and expertise.

Jaime Hollander

Owner & Managing Director, RRDA

Happy Clients

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Jessica’s services are by far the best money I’ve spent on my business. She taught me so much about SEO, how to drive organic traffic, and provided some incredibly helpful resources. She’s smart, she’s responsive, and if she doesn’t know how to do something, she’ll figure it out.

Kristen Knepper

CEO, Kristen Knepper Consulting

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