• Case Study

How Forward Healing Increased Instagram Account Reach By 40%

Key Results


Total reach increased by 30%


Increased non-follower reach by 55%


Total monthly engagements (likes, shares, and saves) increased by 34%


Engagement rate increased by 25%

About Forward Healing

Forward Healing offers modern tools and personalized models of therapy and After-Therapy™. Based in Utah, founder Becca Post has cultivated a thriving coaching and therapy practice, complemented by a dedicated team of therapists. Their innovative and holistic approach to healing enables them to support their clients in a variety of impactful ways.

The Problem

Limited time and resources

Forward Healing, like many small businesses, has been using Instagram as a promotional tool since the business began. However, Becca struggled to maintain a consistent presence on the platform, hindering her ability to foster growth and build momentum.

The Solution

Instagram content creation—from ideation to execution

Becca needed someone to step in and handle every aspect of her Instagram presence, from brainstorming fresh content ideas to designing graphics and creating engaging captions. We love providing this service to our clients because it takes all the work off their plates and allows them to grow faster and more effectively.

Content Planning Process

Every month, we scheduled a 30-minute meeting to plan content. These monthly meetings provided a forum for us to explore Becca’s current priorities and ideas. From these conversations, we created a content plan that detailed four Instagram posts for each week throughout the month. An example of this document can be found here.

Becca also requested prompts to help her better share her services and expertise on Instagram Stories once each week. You’ll notice at the top of the content doc linked above, that we also outline talking points for her to use each week which loosely correlate with the content shared on her feed that week.

I love that Jess is so knowledgeable about the intersections of the marketing world and wellness. It was helpful for me to build my point of view as a business leader in addition to understanding how to see progress, despite the steady uphill battle that is email and social media marketing. Her patience with my knowledge gaps was so welcomed and I loved seeing my vision for content, both with email and social, come to life through her creative abilities. I know how important marketing is, but it can be hard to prioritize, so I’m grateful that she was able to keep me consistent so I could grow and engage my community.

Becca Post

Founder of Forward Healing

Tracking Progress

Our monthly meetings were also where we reviewed progress and growth so Becca was always aware of what was happening. Transparency is a top priority for us, and we consistently shared insights on what was effective and what needed adjustment. Key metrics, such as follower reach, non-follower reach, total engagements, and engagement rate, were central to these discussions.

Graphic Creation

We take pride in crafting graphics and videos that authentically reflect our clients’ brand. Forward Healing had previously created a brand kit and templates in Canva which we used to produce new graphics that matched Forward Healing’s overarching aesthetic. Our posts featured a natural and organic vibe, using elements like plants, desert landscapes, and serene spaces. See an example of their feed filled with our graphics and Reel covers below:

The Results

Over the course of four months, Forward Healing saw increases in reach, engagement, and community growth.

  • Total reach increased by 30%
  • Increased non-follower reach by 55%
  • Total monthly engagements (likes, shares, and saves) increased by 34%
  • Engagement rate increased by 25%

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