15 Mental Health Hashtags to Reach Coaching Clients on Instagram

Jessica Thiefels on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

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Finding your perfect coaching client on Instagram (with its 1 billion active users) can feel as hard as finding the mental health hashtags that will attract them to your page.

However, if you invest time in hashtag research, you can strategically target your ideal client using the mental health hashtags that best represent the tactics you use and the areas you focus on.

If you’re creating engaging and unique content, and doing everything right on social, but you just can’t seem to reach the right audience, try these 15 mental health hashtags. Don’t miss our motivational hashtags list too!

We specialize in working with wellness and mental wellness brands!

1. #MentalHealthAwareness  


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A post shared by BlessingManifesting.com (@blessingmanifesting) on

Posts: 8.3M

While this hashtag has millions of posts (strategically, you’d want to pick a few other lesser-used hashtags from the list to increase your reach), this is a broad reach keyword that you can use to show your support. Use this hashtag when talking about how your coaching can help with mental health awareness and support.  

For example, BlessingManifesting explains the crux of anxiety and actionable ways to overcome it, like a digital bite-sized freebie to hook viewers. 

2. #ShiftYourMindset 


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A post shared by Jess ⦿ Mindset Empowerment (@jessicathiefels) on

Posts: 62.6K 

This is often the basis for all great coaching work—clients have to shift their mindset to step into their most epic life. Using the #MindsetShift hashtag can help you find the clients that are ready to start that journey and want tips and ideas for taking steps with a coach and on their own.

3. #DaringGreatly 


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A post shared by Ashley Empowers (@ashleyempowers) on

Posts: 165K 

This hashtag is the title of a book from one of my all-time favorites, Brené Brown. Many famous self-help and personal development book titles serve as great mental health hashtags, especially if the messaging aligns with your coaching business and program. Prospective clients who recently read the book may search the hashtag for quotes and further inspiration and find you along the way!

In the example post, Ashley, (who helps women empower themselves financially within their families) used #DaringGreatly to promote an event.

4. #EverythingIsFigureoutable 


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A post shared by The Self-Love Coach™️ | Ashley (@coachashleyvives) on

Posts: 26K

This is another book title hashtag; this one comes from Mario Foleo’s bestseller. As the book’s synopsis explains: “It’s more than just a fun phrase to say. It’s a philosophy of relentless optimism. A mindset. A mantra. A conviction.” What better concept to attract mental-health minded clients to your coaching business? What’s more, there’s less competition with this hashtag, with fewer posts than others on our list.   

Self-love and relationship coach, Ashley Vives Williams, used this hashtag in a post related to common challenges many women face during quarantine while inviting engagement by asking others to share their experiences—the perfect combo.

5. #Soulpreneuer 


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A post shared by Liz Roberta ✨ (@iamlizroberta) on

Posts: 392K

For many coaches, the clients you’re looking for are leaders, managers, CEO, and entrepreneurs. That subsect has the expendable income to afford a coach and the desire to better themselves. To seek out an entrepreneur who is focused on bettering their souls as well as their mental health—along with their overall leadership capabilities—use the hashtag #Soulpreneuer.

6. #PersonalGrowth / #SelfGrowth


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A post shared by I Heart My Life (@iheartmylifenow) on

Posts: 3.4M / 1.2M 

This is a bonus two-for-one section because they both mean similar things and likely attract similar people. To attract clients who are ready to do the work that’s needed to grow, use these two growth-related mental health hashtags. 

I especially love this powerful message from Emily Williams, founder of I Heart My Life. Notice how she’s talking about common problems that her target audience (female entrepreneurs) face. That’s the perfect hook to grab the attention of your prospective coaching clients! 

7. #PersonalDevelopmentJourney


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A post shared by Spiritual Guide| Awakening (@aly.wilkins) on

Posts: 19.1 K 

A little bit more targeted than the previous hashtags, #PersonalDevelopmentJourney may describe the exact experience your ideal coaching client is having as they walk the path to finding themselves and a better life. Use this to share your own personal development journey, which gives followers and potential clients something deeper to connect with.

8. #SelfCareMatters


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A post shared by Jessica De Block 💅🏻 Empowerer (@jessicadeblock) on

Posts: 700K 

If you simply type in #SelfCare into Instagram, you’ll be bombarded with nearly thirty million posts that range from pop culture accounts to half-naked influencers lighting a candle. Don’t get lost in the noise. Instead, hone your focus by using #SelfCareMatters to explain to followers why they need to prioritize self-care for their mental health.

9. #HeartCentered


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A post shared by Danielle LaPorte (@daniellelaporte) on

Posts: 223K

Heart-centered is one of the rallying calls from popular coach, Danielle Laporte. Her goal in teaching followers to become heart-centered is to “turn anxiety into presence—for living more deeply, but lightening up.” As a coach, you can use this mental health hashtag to reach clients looking for similar alignment.

10. #AnxietyAwareness 


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A post shared by Jess ⦿ Mindset Empowerment (@jessicathiefels) on

Posts: 350K

Recent reports show that nearly 40 million Americans are living with some sort of anxiety disorder—that’s 18 percent of the U.S. When you look at entrepreneurs, those instances rise further as the pressure of running your own business is particularly stress-inducing—learn more about why this is in Salesforce’s in-depth article.

To promote better mental health, we need first to address and talk about the prevalence of anxiety. I use the #AnxietyAwareness hashtag to share my struggles with anxiety and explain to my audience how I’ve overcome them to become a successful business owner, coach, and author.

11. #AbundanceMindset 


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A post shared by Megan Ladd (@megladd) on

Posts: 646K 

Abundance is all about opening yourself up to the many opportunities, financial and otherwise, that are waiting for you. As a coach, this is one of the most important lessons you can teach clients. Use the #AbundanceMindset hashtag and explain how this mindset has changed your life or how clients can tap into it themselves.

12. #EmotionalWellbeing / #EmotionalWellbeingCoach  


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A post shared by Ellen Hope (@mynames_ellen) on

Posts: 188K / 1K 

If you’re a coach that focuses on emotional wellbeing, take it one step further and add “coach” to your hashtag. With such low competition, someone looking for your exact services might find and relate to your post, turning into a potential client.

12. #MentalHealthAdvocate 


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A post shared by Dr Julie Smith | Psychologist (@drjuliesmith) on

Posts: 593K 

Using a hashtag explaining that you’re an advocate for people on mental health journeys can help target those looking for exactly that. In the post above, Dr. Julie Smith asks a question to her followers to encourage engagement and reflection—this then gives her a chance to respond to comments and connect even deeper.

14. #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay 


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A post shared by Women’s Mental Health Centre (@recoverclinic) on

Posts: 526K 

Connecting with others about common mental health issues allows you to forge a connection with followers. That’s why I love this hashtag—not every day is a good day, in both life and business, and that’s normal! It’s so easy to get caught in the curated feed of social media and feel less than; #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay reminds your followers it’s okay to feel all the feelings and not be happy or excited every single day.

15. #EndTheStigmaofMentalHealth 


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A post shared by Mental Health Is Important🌻 (@smash.the.stigma) on

Post: 72K 

Even in 2020, when we speak about most topics on social media, there’s still a stigma surrounding mental health awareness. In fact, a recent scientific review of existing studies and research on the topic found that “public stigma of mental illness in the U.S. is a widespread, pervasive barrier that prevents many individuals from engaging in mental health care.” 

In an effort to end the taboo nature of talking about mental health, use this hashtag, and reach those who need your help. 

Reach New Coaching Clients With Targeted Mental Health Hashtags 

Choose from the best mental health hashtags to attract coaching clients to your page, while relating to them on a deeper level, providing support, and standing beside them as a mental health ally.

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