Instagram Marketing for the Spiritual Entrepreneur: How to Connect and Sell

Jessica Thiefels on Thursday, November 12, 2020

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As a fierce, aligned, and talented spiritual entrepreneur, selling might feel like a major obstacle. You were put on this planet to help, support, guide and love, so how does selling your services and marketing your brand fit into that?

With more than one billion active users, Instagram is a perfect platform for finding and connecting to your community and potential clients. However, it can feel like a crowded and complex space, especially in the spiritual realm, with more and more spiritual entrepreneurs bringing their talents to the world. You also don’t want to seem pushy, disingenuous, or at odds with your beliefs as a soulpreneur. 

So how do you connect on Instagram as a spiritual entrepreneur in an authentic and aligned way while also still selling and growing your business? The following tips and ideas will help you do exactly that, allowing you to increase your impact and marketing savvy. 

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Develop Your Unique Brand 

With so many spiritual entrepreneurs, how do you ensure that you stand apart? To connect with the right audience, you need to attract them first. Since 90 percent of consumers agree authenticity is important when deciding which brands to support, it’s critical that you build an authentic and unique brand with these three steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Brand Pillars

Your brand pillars are the 3 to 5 themes that all your content relates to. If someone was to come to your page, these 3 to 5 things are what you’d want them to think, “Oh, she’s an expert in these things!” 

Ultimately, your brand pillars represent your intentions as a soulpreneur. They’re also the areas you care most about in your practice and how you help your clients. To give you an idea, my brand pillars as a mindset and marketing coach are:

  • Intentionality 
  • Empowerment 
  • Mindset shifting 

If you don’t have brand pillars or want to strengthen your brand, in general, use my brand analysis guide to do a deep dive into what’s currently working and what needs to be changed. The critical part here is to connect your brand pillars to what you do and use it as a road map for content creation, which will help you attract the clients most suited to your spiritual guidance. 

For example, I focus a lot of my Instagram posts on how I’m getting intentional, or how you, as someone in my community can get intentional. See an example below:

Step 2: Share the Unique Stories That Connect With Your Purpose

Only you have your story, background, experiences, and journey—and that’s your superpower, that’s what sets you apart. No matter what type of spiritual service you provide, your audience wants to know about the face and person behind the brand. 

Your stories are what give them a point of connection with you. In fact, a recent survey found the 70 percent of people feel more connected to a brand when their CEO is active on social media. You might think you want to promote only your offerings, expertise, or testimonials on Instagram (which are all wonderful content topics to share), but as a spiritual entrepreneur, it’s important that you share your stories too. 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out How to Tell Your Story to Attract More Clients and dive into the many ways you can share your story to attract ideal clients and build community around your offerings and brand.

Step 3: Develop a Distinctive Aesthetic 

A consistent aesthetic—the colors, style and format of your Instagram content—is the difference between being remembered and blending into the crowd. When you think of Starbucks, what color do you think of? Green. When you think of Target, what style and color comes to mind? Red, lifestyle, light and fun. 

This is why you can’t overlook the aesthetic of your Instagram account. Like your stories, this element of your brand allows you to bring your unique self to your business, which in turn helps you attract the right people. Not to mention, when your visuals are cohesive, you’ll come across as a more professional and legitimate spiritual entrepreneur. When thinking about aesthetics, consider:

  • Brand colors
  • Look and feel of designed graphics, like quote graphics
  • Photo editing, like presets

Get Personal 

Just as your personal story needs to be a part of your brand, you also need to consistently create and share authentic content. If you simply sell or teach, you’re missing a key component that people are looking for on Instagram: YOU. 

This means you have to do two uncomfortable things:

  • Yes, post photos of yourself. Notice how those always get the most likes?
  • Yes, tell the hard stories. Notice how those posts always get the most comments?

This is the secret sauce in authentic selling on Instagram. You don’t have to push your services or be overly-promotional. People connect with unguarded realness and authenticity. Check out my Instagram post below for some prompts to dig deeper into your stories so you can bring out the real you. It can be hard to dig deep, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Understand the Key Tactics 

To succeed on Instagram, you need to understand some technical logistics of the platform. This ensures that your story gets seen, your words are ready, and your community is actually able to find you. Use these three tactics to make sure your content is seen:

  • Post when your audience is active: Head to settings on the upper right of your profile, then click on “total followers” and scroll down to view the most active times of each day.
  • Stay on-brand: Use your brand pillars to tell stories that tie back to what you do and offer.
  • Hashtags: You can have 30 hashtags per post; use all 30—in the comment or the caption, it doesn’t matter. Check out my recent Instagram post to learn how to be more actionable and effective with your hashtags.

Keep DM Sales Authentic  

Direct messages (DM) are vital to selling on Instagram and allow you to reach and engage with potential new clients. To keep the process of selling through IG authentic, follow my simple steps:

  • First, I welcome new people to my community with a welcome message and question that’s related to my brand. I ask: “What are you getting intentional about this week?” 
  • If they look like a good fit to be a client, I’ll ask another question about how their business is going.
  • From there, I ask them about their Instagram use. 
  • If at that point, I can tell the Marketing From the Gut mindset and marketing coaching membership would be a good fit, I share a small amount of information and ask them if they’d be interested in hearing more. 

Only when they say, “I’d love to hear more!” do I give them a full pitch. This allows me to be authentic and pitch only when I know for sure that it will be of value to the person. You don’t have to be sleazy to sell, you can be authentic and still sell your gifts as a spiritual entrepreneur. 

You’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur: Just be YOU 

All the strategies in the world won’t help if you’re inauthentic or surface level with your community. To connect and sell on Instagram, you need to effectively develop your brand and foundational knowledge of the platform, but the most important ingredient is being YOU. Be yourself in the content you create, the visuals you share, and the interactions to stay aligned with your brand and connect with your community of potential clients.