15 Podcast Hashtags to Reach More Listeners on Instagram

Jessica Thiefels on Monday, September 13, 2021

podcast hashtags

Not all podcast hashtags are created equal. As with any hashtags you use on Instagram, you want to make sure that the ones you choose have less than 500K posts and are relevant to your content. With so many podcast hashtags to choose from, though, how do you choose the best ones? 

Here are 15 to use in your upcoming posts about new podcast episodes, your podcasting journey, and more.

marketing from the gut


129K posts

The more generic podcast hashtag is great for catching the eyes of avid podcast listeners who may be interested in tuning into new podcasts, regardless of the topic or focus. Use this hashtag when sharing about new episodes or if you start a new podcast altogether.


469K posts

This popular hashtag is a great way to promote your role as a podcast host while also driving people to your podcast. This hashtag can be used on posts about new episodes but also general posts about who you are, what you do and your journey.

#[insert type]podcast


Instead of using #podcast #newpodcast, focus on niche hashtags that focus on the type of podcast you run. For example, depending on the focus of your podcast, you might use:

  • #personaldevelopmentpodcast 
  • #entrepreneurpodcast
  • #mindsetpodcast

Some of these more niche hashtags may have few posts, but are still valuable for driving traffic and engagement from the people who are searching for a podcast like yours.


81K posts

One way to drive more listeners to your podcast is to share about the podcasts you love and recommend. Why is this? Promoting another podcast can lead to organic shares from the person who runs that podcast. When that happens, you reach their audience too, which drives more people to your profile and podcast.



This self-identifying hashtag is a great way to reach regular podcast listeners who may be looking for new episodes and shows to listen to. Use it for new episode alerts and general posts about your podcast. This is another good hashtag to use if you’re sharing about podcasts that you love or recommend.

#podcastfor[insert audience]


Similar to the type of podcast, you can use hashtags that target your ideal audience. For example, you might use #podcastforwomen or #podcastforkids—these niche hashtags allow you to reach your target listeners so you can drive the right people to each episode.


102K posts

Give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at where you record your episodes paired with this hashtag. Everyone loves a BTS look at how their favorite podcasters do what they do. Plus, if you have a simple set-up, this is a good chance to inspire people who are nervous about not having all the right equipment to get started—show them they don’t need much to do it!


61K posts

If you’re proud to be a female podcaster, use this hashtag in posts about your new episodes, your journey or your story about becoming a podcaster. You can also use this hashtag in posts empowering other women to start their own podcast. 


227K posts

If you’re looking to bring more podcasters into your community, this is a great hashtag to use. Use it when promoting other podcasters or talking about your mission to build a community around podcasting and what you love about it. 


160K posts

This is an ideal hashtag for promoting a series on your podcast. If you’re tackling a specific topic or theme for a certain period of time, use this hashtag to call that out. You can also use this hashtag if you’re part of a series on someone else’s podcast, as is seen in the example.


17K posts

If you’re sharing about challenges or experiences with podcasts, this is a great hashtag to use. You’ll likely reach other podcasters who can resonate, and as a result, may want to check out your podcast too—or even have you on theirs as a guest. This is also a great hashtag if you not only host a podcast but you teach others how to do the same. 


11K posts

This is another great hashtag for promoting other podcasts that you love or that fall within a specific theme. Don’t forget to tag the hosts or accounts for the podcasts you’re promoting so they know and can share to their audience as well.


31K posts

If you’re new to the podcast space, use this hashtag when you launch. This will help you get in front of people who are looking for new podcasts or who want to cheer you on as you start this new journey. Don’t forget to share your story to give potential listeners a reason to connect with you and therefore tune into your show.


21K posts

If you’re hosting a podcast and teaching others how to do the same, this is a key hashtag for you to use. Make sure you pair all educational content and episode posts with this hashtag so you connect with people who need to hear your tips and ideas.