10 Best Personal Development Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Jessica Thiefels on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Personal development podcasts are one of the best tools now available to female entrepreneurs. With a quick click on your smartphone, you can tap into the talent and expertise of some of the most prolific female CEOs, thought leaders, authors, and experts. 

Even better, it doesn’t feel like learning—the best podcasts feel like an intimate conversation and offer authentic and applicable advice for every fempreneur building her empire.

With thousands of options out there, how do you find the most motivational, authentic and valuable content? These ten personal development podcasts are my favorite for getting a dose of inspiration along with actionable tips and insights for your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Mindset Reset Radio with Jessica Thiefels

Admittedly, I’m slightly biased because this is my own podcast. I’m on a mission to help female entrepreneurs get intentional in life and business. I tackle powerful topics ranging from money mindset to body image issues to breaking down your limiting beliefs so that you, as a rising fempreneur, can start breaking through, shifting your mindset, and making things happen!

Plus, the badass lady bosses that join me as guests on Mindset Reset Radio are seriously game-changers. They’ll help you take initiative ASAP with actionable advice, tips, and strategies. Listen to our number one episode of all time, Jen and I talk about how to say SO LONG to burnout.

2. Leverage Your Incredible Factor with Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Host Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, is an MBA, award-winning spiritual business growth strategist, best selling author, and international TEDx speaker. On her podcast, she marries spirituality and business strategy to help you understand how aligning the two allows you to create the life and career that you crave. Darnyelle shares solo insights and interviews guests, and is always offering specific strategies and resources to grow your business. 

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on her podcast and we chatted about stepping into your power as a female entrepreneur, the importance of meditation, and how your “dream life” may be different than you realize—listen to the episode

3. Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han

Tiffany Han is a writer, speaker, and life coach who teaches driven women how to embrace a new framework for success and productivity. What I love about Tiffany’s funny, relatable, no-holds-barred podcast is that she’s got the chops to back it up. 

Her experience includes, “a degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a CPCC certification from the Coaches Training Institute combined with over a decade of experience in non-profit fundraising, marketing, and sales.”

Most importantly, Tiffany wants to push listeners out of your comfort zone and explains why that’s where the magic happens. Episodes feature guests, including recently, Glennon Doyle, listener questions, and solo chats. 

4. Classy Career Girl with Anna Runyan

If you’re looking for personal development podcasts that will help you level up in your career, check out Classy Career Girl. Host Anna Runyan is the founder and CEO of Classy Career Girl, a career website turned one-stop-shop, female-focused brand. They offer masterclasses and memberships aimed at getting women in the career they want and love. 

As a female entrepreneur, you know that personal fulfillment is intrinsically tied to your business and career path, so Anna’s strategies and processes can help you align your goals. Episodes included lessons, member spotlights, and interviews (called “share the mic”). 

5. The Lively Show with Jess Lively

The Lively Show is currently on a break—Jess explains why in an episode back in June, understandably amidst turbulent social events. However, there’s a lot of great content that you can catch up on while waiting for her return. 

In the show, Lively hones in on cultivating and listening to your inner voice and the law of attraction, among other powerful personal development topics. You’ll find solo episodes, Q&A sessions, and interviews, all of which are great options for learning and diving deeper into you.

6. Limitless Life with Melyssa Griffin

The elevator pitch for this personal development podcast is that it “teaches you how to grow your business by reprogramming the patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck.” Podcast host Melyssa Griffin is a teacher turned blogger turned entrepreneur. Her current goal is to help fellow female entrepreneurs grow their business by first focusing on themselves. Most episodes are interviews, but there are also solo shows and coaching calls. 

Melyssa is also not afraid to dive into taboo topics, like the recent episode How to Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Plan Your Life. This type of content is what makes this one of the personal development podcasts that is most relatable and authentic, two key attributes of a podcast worth listening to.

7. The Marie Forleo Podcast with Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is the author of the best-selling book, Everything is Figureoutable. She was also named a “thought leader of our generation” by Oprah. In her podcast, she interviews a wide variety of experts on a range of topics that all focus on bettering your life. 

Marie is an inspirational powerhouse herself, but combined with amazing guests who share their unique experience, this podcast is a must-listen for any female entrepreneur. 

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8. Not Another Anxiety Show with Kelli Walker 

This isn’t like your typical personal development podcasts, but I wanted to include it because anxiety is such a pervasive issue for female entrepreneurs. Kelli Walker is a registered nurse and a certified health and wellness coach who interviews other mental health experts on escaping anxiety in all its forms. 

Recent guests include a divorce attorney tackling emotions surrounding separation, a psychotherapist chatting about being a highly sensitive person, and a psychologist who wants to help you unstick from a busy mind. 

Anxiety is a different journey for everyone, and it can create serious roadblocks to becoming your own boss and living a fulfilling life. Listening to an episode that resonates with your particular “brand” of anxiety can help you overcome that stress or just let you know you aren’t alone in feeling those feelings. 

9. The Tony Robbins Podcast with Tony Robbins 

Tony Robbins is one of the OG self-help experts and business and life strategists. His Netflix documentary, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, gives great insight into just how powerful he is. He was an international personal development phenomenon before podcasts and Instagram existed and after nearly four decades of inspiring millions, his message isn’t watered down. 

The Tony Robbins podcast offers fresh, authentic advice on living an extraordinary life. Episodes include interviews and offer relationship, health, and financial guidance. 

10. UnF*ck Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil

This podcast is unique because it centers on the struggles that all women are unfortunately predisposed to, like imposter-syndrome, self-critical thoughts, anxiety, and doubt. Host Kara Loewentheil is a previous women’s rights lawyer, Yale and Harvard Law alum, and a master certified confidence coach. 

Kara doesn’t hold back, as evident by the title of the podcast. Listen in for a confidence boost or tips on rewiring your brain to stop negative self-talk and limiting mindsets. 

Find Your New Favorite Personal Development Podcasts

With so many options, how to choose just a few? Check out all of these and subscribe to the ones you love so you always have your favorite personal development podcasts ready to support and motivate you, even on your toughest days.