20 Soulpreneur Hashtags to Reach Clients Authentically on Instagram

Jessica Thiefels on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

soulpreneur hashtags

If you’re a soulpreneur, you may struggle with Instagram marketing, where the emphasis is on posting pretty photos, selling in the DMs, and competing with millions of other spiritual entrepreneurs and soulpreneurs. 

You want to share your authentic self while also promoting your service and attracting aligned spiritual clients. Doing both can feel like an impossible feat—but the good news is, it’s not impossible. 

In fact, hashtags are a great way to be your most authentic self while also reaching the audience who needs to hear your message—whether you have pretty pictures or a feed that’s as messy as we humans are.

The key to choosing the right hashtags is to consider both what your audience might search and identify with, and then find the ones that have 500K posts or less. The following 20 soulpreneur hashtags fit that description, making them a great way to start reaching more potential clients. 

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1. #SoulpreneurLife

1.1K Posts  

With a little more than 1K posts, it will be easier to be found as a featured post on this hashtag’s explore page. What’s more, as a soulpreneur, you want to share your life and journey, giving potential clients something to connect with. Use this hashtag with content that embodies your life and work. 

2. #YouDecide 

314K Posts 

We get to decide what our destiny is and then choose the path to reach it. But it’s easy to forget that we can decide—our attitude, location, marketing strategies, the images we post, career path—everything. 

Use this hashtag to remind your community that they get to decide for themselves. They can choose to be imperfect, follow their intuition, and share their authentic story—the power is in their hands.

3. #SelfTransformation

73K Posts 

Attracting spiritual clients is all about reaching those who want to focus on self-transformation—and you’ve likely been through a lot of this yourself. Use this hashtag when sharing your own stories about self-transformation. When you share your experiences and past, you can show that you’re not just talking the talk, but you walk the walk.

4. #IntuitiveBusinessCoach 

6.3K Posts 

How often do you follow your intuition in business? As a soulpreneur, probably all the time. If this is a major part of your work, and you specifically provide services to business owners, use this hashtag to attract potential clients who are looking for that support.

5. #SpiritualBusiness 

148K Posts 

Use this hashtag to reach fellow soulpreneurs who run spiritual businesses. With 148K posts, it’s a well-used hashtag, but you can still stand out with authentic content. You’ll notice on the explore page that much of the recent content is text-based. While there’s nothing wrong with text-only graphics on IG, if you post real and inspired images of yourself, you’ll stand out from the crowd and drive more traffic to your content and page. 

6. #HeartCenteredBusiness 

43.6K Posts

If you’re a heart-centered business owner, you run your business from a place of purpose. Use this hashtag to reach potential clients who identify as a heart-centered business owner. You can also use it to search for inspiration and people to connect with and expand your network.

You can also use this tag to research similar brands for inspiration and to expand your network.

7. #IgniteYourFire 

106.6K Posts 

Rally your community to bring more passion and purpose into their business and life. Pair it with a powerful quote or a story about how you turned a challenge into an opportunity. Remind your potential clients that you can help them ignite their fire and create a life they’re passionate about if they work with you.

8. #WomenEntrepreneursUnite

26K Posts 

Female entrepreneurship can be a lonely ride, but it doesn’t have to be. So many women entrepreneurs want to empower others and pay it forward. The higher we all vibrate and support each other, the better and more inclusive the collective community, so use this hashtag to unite your fellow women entrepreneurs. 

9. #LetGoofEgo 

11.2K Posts 

This hashtag is for all those soulpreneurs tackling mindset and helping recovering perfectionists find their path. You know the power of the ego if you let it get in the way of the work you do and the mission you’re on this planet to live out. Use this hashtag when sharing tips and stories about how to release the ego and live in purpose and service instead. 

10. #NourishYourSoul 

184K Posts  

Remind your community that we all need to take time to fill our own cup. Post images of you taking care of yourself, filling yourself up, and then use this hashtag to make sure it reaches the audience that needs this reminder. 

11. #RaiseYourFrequency

254K Posts 

Whether you’re a coach or a jewelry designer, as a soulpreneur you’re likely focused in your own life on consistently raising your frequency. This hashtag is the perfect way to remind your community to do exactly that while reaching people who are using it to find ideas for how to raise their frequency too.

12. #ManifestingAbundance 

259K Posts 

Manifestation is a powerful tool. Use this hashtag to share how you manifested your dreams into reality. Further promote more engagement by asking questions and prompting your followers to share their experiences in the comments. The more abundance we share, the more we all get to have.

13. #ShiftYourPerspective 

30.8K Posts 

We all feel lost or just get into a rut sometimes. Shifting your perspective allows you to step back and look at your story differently. If you have stories or tips around shifting your perspective, use this hashtag to reach those who need the reminder that a simple change can make all the difference.

14. VunerabilityisSexy 

5.5K Posts 

This is a reminder to you, as much as your audience. It can be challenging to be vulnerable on a place like Instagram, where it’s easy to equate likes and followers with success and whether or not someone thinks your story is good enough. Use this hashtag when sharing about why your community needs to continually be vulnerable, in their life, business and even on social media. That vulnerability is what attracts people to you, which is why it truly is sexy.

15. #StepIntoYourPower 

81.9K Posts

We are more powerful than we think, and no matter what business you’re in, we can all remind our communities of that simple fact. Use this hashtag to reach people who are looking for inspiration to own who they are, what they do, and the life they’ve built for themselves, rather than shrinking back into the shadows.

16. #EmpoweredFeminine 

4.3K Posts 

This keyword has a surprisingly low density, making it perfect for anyone looking to make a splash. Search this hashtag to find other empowered women and follow them to raise your feed’s vibe. Then include this tag on posts where you’re shining your light and teaching others to get in touch with their empowered feminine energy. 

17. #BecomeaBetterYou 

85.9K Posts 

Whenever we work with a coach, health expert, healer, or other soul professional, it’s always in service of becoming our better selves. Use this hashtag to attract the spiritual clients that want to find that evolved sense of self. Pair it with a powerful quote or a story that shows your transformation into a better you. 

18. #ImposterSyndrome 

109K Posts 

Use your platform to address this all-too-common challenge directly. Share actionable tips and stories about how you’ve overcome feeling like a fraud and instead owned your power along with tips for how your community can do the same. Remind your followers that we’re all in this together.

19. #SpiritualBossLady

108K Posts  

Step into your role as a boss who’s out here living her mission to the fullest with this fun hashtag. Your content doesn’t have to be all serious. You can have some fun and be your boss-self while reminding your community to do the same.

20. #SayYestoSuccess 

306K Posts 

This post has a little more competition, but it’s still relevant enough to reach people focused on their growth and success. Looking at the explore page, you’ll immediately notice many coaching brands using this hashtag. Make sure to include a nod to what makes you authentic and different to stand out from the crowd. 

Find the Best Soulpreneur Hashtags

Use this list as a starting point for finding hashtags that will attract the right people to your page while allowing you to connect with other soul-minded entrepreneurs. Sprinkle these in along with other hyper relevant hashtags to make sure you’re increasing your reach with each amazing new post you share.