20 International Women’s Day Hashtags to Empower Your Community

Jessica Thiefels on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

international womens day hashtags

These International Women’s Day hashtags are key to ensuring your message is heard on this important day, meant to celebrate the journey and accomplishment of females. According to the hosting organization, “International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.” 

This year, the holiday falls on March 8th, and for female business owners, solopreneurs, and leaders, it’s also the perfect time to create targeted social media content to increase your engagement and reach. 

Our team researched 20 strategic hashtags to use on your Instagram posts leading up to the holiday. Start using these International Women’s Day hashtags ASAP to take advantage of trending traffic and share your powerful message. 

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1.2K Posts 

Instead of getting lost in the sea of posts for #InternationalWomensDay, which has nearly 7 million posts, add the year. Not only does this ensure your content shows up in the most relevant searches, but it allows you to stand out with less competition. 

2. #IWD2021

3.8K Posts

Instead of using the simple abbreviation #IWD with just over 500K posts, add the year to make your hashtag more targeted and relevant. Combining this with the general #IWD post ensures that you’re potential reach is as high as possible. 

3. #EmpowerHer 

53.4K Posts 

International Women’s Day is all about empowering fellow females as they learn how to step into their power. This hashtag is the perfect way to catch the attention of people searching for inspiring posts, on this holiday and throughout the year.

4. #WomensHistoryMonth

726.6K Post  

March is also Women’s History Month and you can promote both celebrations using this relevant hashtag. Share content that highlights female pioneers in your field to give a nod to all the brave, courageous and powerful women who came before us.

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5. #KnowYourWorthLadies 

96K Posts 

This International Women’s Day hashtag is one that can be paired with powerful messaging about something many women struggle with: knowing how valuable and worthy they actually are. Share a story about how you own your worth along with tips for how other women can do the same and then use this hashtag to make sure your message reaches the right people.


121K posts 

Use this highash to reach all the women who are ready to own that they’re a badass CEO—better yet, a female CEO ready to change the world with their brilliance. Use this hashtag for an empowering post about sharing your gifts with the world or better yet, to educate new female CEOs, like the post above.

7. #Girlpreneur 

450K Posts

One goal of International Women’s Day is to talk about inspiring females to inspire other women and girls. Pair this hashtag with the story of how you got started with your business to reach all the young girls who have hopes of becoming an entrepreneur. 

8. #Fempire 

284.7K Posts 

Pair this powerful International Women’s Day hashtag with a post honoring women who built their own empire, whether it’s the people around you or famous trailblazers like Shonda Rhimes, Oprah, Coco Chanel, Martha Stewart, and so many more. Check out this list of the 20 most successful female entrepreneurs for inspiration.

9. #CelebratingWomen 

113.3K Posts 

The goal is this day is simple: to celebrate women! Use this hashtag to reach people who are looking for content that celebrates women to share with their audiences. Weave it into relevant posts leading up to March 8.

10. #Womenin______ 

For example, #WomeninScience (470.6K Posts) 

Tap into your niche audience with this hashtag. Share content celebrating women in your field, highlight their accomplishments and unique contributions, and then reach the people who want to learn more about those women and be inspired by their work. 

11. #AmplifyFemaleVoices 

125K Posts 

This is one of those hashtags that has a lot of potential without having too much competition. Use this International Women’s Day hashtag to share stories, posts and words of wisdom from women whose voices may otherwise get lost in the shuffle. 

12. #InternationalWomxnsDay 

4.5K Posts 

To appeal to a broader audience, use the intersectional spelling of “womxn” in your hashtag. (Learn more about the meaning of the word in this article). While this term may not be a fit for every business or brand, if your values focus on being more inclusive, this hashtag can help you celebrate this female-driven holiday in a non-gender discriminatory way. 

13. #WhoRunTheWorldGirls 

310.4K Posts 

Originally from a Beyonce song, this feminist rallying cry now carries a larger significance in the world of female empowerment. Empower your audience and everyone who finds your content by pairing this hashtag with a powerful story of success.

14. #BusinessMindsetforWomen 

4.8K Posts 

Mindset is the foundation of empowerment. The limiting beliefs and stories we tell ourselves hold us back from stepping into our power. Share mindset tips that help you create a life you love or a business that’s growing and use this hashtag to reach the ladies who need to hear it.

15. #ThinkLikeaBoss 

40.2K Posts 

When you check out the discovery page for this powerful International Women’s Day hashtag, you’ll notice a lot of text-based content. Post real images of yourself or your team so you can stand out from the competition. Make sure to include actionable advice on how your audience can also think like a boss.

16. #WomensHistory 

151.5K Posts 

Use this hashtag when highlighting famous women from the past who paved the way for current generations. If you’re at a loss for what type of content to post for IWD or how to relate the holiday to your brand, historic themes are always appropriate. Think: groundbreaking women that relate to your overall business or industry. 

17. #WomenInHistory 

82.2K Posts 

Hashtag strategy is all about staying relevant while also covering your bases for overarching themes, products and services. This hashtag is a variation on the last one, but using both can increase your reach. For example, if a user searches for famous women in history, they could type in either #womenshistory or #womeninhistory. By using both, you have a better chance of reaching everyone who wants to see your content.

18. #SelfMadeWomen 

55.6K posts 

When I hear the term “self-made women,” I immediately think of badasses like Sara Blakely, who started a billionaire dollar empire with $5,000 out of her apartment. International Women’s Day is the perfect time to spotlight other self-made women to inspire and motivate your audience. 

Better yet, if you’re a self-made woman, take this time to tell your audience! Own your success and inspire other women to do the same.

19. #WeAreWomenOwned

5.4K Posts 

Are you a women-owned business? Or do you work for one? Take International Women’s Day as an opportunity to shout it from the rooftops!

20. #GoForItGirl 

36.8K Posts 

Pair this fun hashtag with a motivational post that encourages your audience to take action. Leap and the net will appear—so go for it, girl! 

Use These International Women’s Day Hashtags to Inspire Others

Don’t let your message get lost in the shuffle. You have powerful stories to tell, and other women need to hear them. Use these International Women’s Day hashtags to make sure you reach the people who need inspiration, motivation and words of empowerment in the month of March and beyond. 

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