8 Digital Marketing Podcasts to Grow Your Mental Wellness Business

Jessica Thiefels on Wednesday, October 12, 2022

digital marketing podcasts

There are so many digital marketing podcasts to choose from that finding the ones that are actually relevant to your business can be challenging. As a mental wellness brand, you have unique challenges and factors to consider. Finding a podcast that speaks to your exact needs makes all the difference in how much value you get out of it, so I did some research. 

I discovered eight of the best digital marketing podcasts for your mental wellness brand. No more learning abstract strategies and ideas, and then having to figure out how to apply them to your business.

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I might be biased (because this one is my show!), but I am so proud of the content here. This is the only organic content marketing podcast for mental wellness brands. Each and every episode is dedicated to how you, as a mental wellness business, can leverage organic content marketing to increase impact and make more money while you do it.

This is one of the digital marketing podcasts that fall into both the business and marketing categories. I included it here because the hosts spend a lot of time on marketing topics. Plus, with a dollars-and-cents sort of approach, you know you’re getting great, practical advice to boost marketing ROI.

These two topics—marketing and mindset—go hand-in-hand. I love that Kim Foster, M.D. and certified business coach, brings them together to help you market your wellness business with greater intention and success. As an MD and coach herself, you know you’re getting insights that are relevant to and useful for your brand.

Tune into Health Coach Radio if you’re a wellness entrepreneur of any kind. Hosts Laura Rupsis and Erin Power share about a wide range of business and marketing topics. You’ll find episodes on niching down, selling yourself, and developing better lead-generation strategies and more. Tune in to learn about nearly any aspect of your marketing. 

This podcast brings actionable marketing and online business tips for wellness entrepreneurs of all kinds. Tune in to learn how you can create a marketing strategy that feels as good as running your business does.

This is one of the few digital marketing podcasts that get into the nitty-gritty of marketing strategies. Host, Jessica Freeman, wants to help you “better understand how to improve your online presence with these short, actionable episodes.” 

I love the focus on authenticity in this marketing podcast. If your marketing doesn’t feel authentic, it’s not going to work. Tune in for interviews with experts and business owners in the wellness space and learn how you can market your business while staying true to your values.

The hosts of this podcast grew their own 6-figure health coaching businesses in just three years. Now, they’re on a mission to help you grow your wellness business too. Many of their episodes focus on the marketing aspect of building your business, from SEO to Instagram, making this a great podcast to add to your list.

Tune Into These Digital Marketing Podcasts

With so many podcasts to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones are worth checking out. Tune in and subscribe to these digital marketing podcasts to get insights, strategies, and ideas that are actually relevant to your industry and business.