5 Ways Content Automation Can Streamline Your Process

Jessica Thiefels on Wednesday, September 14, 2022

content automation

Content automation may be the missing piece in your content marketing process. Marketing is both science and art, so many marketers fear adding automation to their marketing strategy will strip the art from their content. 

In reality, however, content automation can help you streamline your processes and workflows without compromising the quality of what you’re creating. Here’s how this technology can benefit your marketing and five ways to implement it.

What is Content Automation?

AI Multiple defines content automation as, “a set of technologies that automate manual processes in content marketing.” In fact, you may already use some form of automation in our marketing already, like the software that schedules your social media posts or marketing analytics dashboards that automate your data collection. 

According to Marketing Automation Market, the marketing automation industry is expected to be worth $6.4 billion by 2024—and for good reason. It makes your life easier. Here are just some of the benefits of adding automation to your content process:

  • Save time
  • Create content faster
  • Reach more people
  • Save money on internal content creation costs
  • Create content more consistently
  • Improve your content workflow

5 Ways to Use Content Automation

There are many ways content automation can benefit your process, from topic generation to editing. Here are five ways you can blend this technology into your existing content workflow to improve efficiency, output, and more.

1. Find Topics and Headline Ideas for Blog Posts

One of the most important (and most time-consuming) parts of creating content is deciding what to write about. While knowing your audience and doing SEO research should play a part in guiding this, there are other tools you can use that can further support your content topic research and headline creation.

Here are some helpful and fun tools to check out:

  • Answer the Public: Get hundreds of topics from this tool, which uses autocomplete data from search engines like Google to create them.
  • Sumo Headline Generator: Choose the type of headline you want to create and then automate the ideation process with this no-frills tool.
  • SEO Pressor Blog Title Generator: Enter your keyword and get thousands of title ideas. This tool gave me 1,100+ ideas I could choose from based on a single keyword.

2. Score Your On-Page SEO

Long gone are the days of calculating keyword density by hand—yes, I did this in my first SEO freelance job more than a decade ago! Now, there are dozens of content automation tools that do this work for you. Once the content is added, it gives you a score, and in many cases, tells you exactly how to change the content to make it more SEO-friendly. 

  • Yoast SEO: This is the only plugin I trust with giving me on-site SEO guidance as I create the content. When added as a WordPress plugin, Yoast does all the work and gives you a green, yellow, or red light to tell you how well-optimized any website content is.

3. Repurpose With Ease

A great content marketer is always repurposing content where possible, like creating multiple social media posts from a single blog post or podcast episode. You can make this process even easier with content automation tools like these:

  • QuillBot: Simply copy and paste your content into the paraphrasing tool and it comes up with various options that summarize the text. 
  • Welder: Make podcast repurposing SO easy by transcribing the content into text so you can easily pull the most important content—without listening to the entire episode.

4. Personalize the Content Experience

Give website visitors exactly what they need to convert or get into your funnel with a content automation tool that dynamically personalizes the page. With a tool like this, when potential a customer lands on your page, they get the copy that’s perfect for them, which means they don’t have to work so hard to find what they’re looking for. 

  • Uberflip: Though I’ve never used it, I have heard of Uberflip many times before. I love that it can dynamically personalize content hubs, like your blog or guide section, so the right content is front and center.

5. Edit Content in Less Time

Using automation for editing your content saves a lot of time and effort. Creating content that your customers trust means making sure it’s grammatically correct and well-edited. But editing long pieces, or multiple in a day, can be draining and it’s easy to miss small mistakes when you’re tired and have read the same content over and over. 

Let these automated editing tools play a supporting role in the work you’re already doing. 

  • Grammarly: This well-known plugin-in can be used in any text editing field, from Hootsuite to Google Docs. Use it to catch any and all mistakes before scheduling a post or hitting publish on the blog.
  • Hemingway Editor: Check your content for grammatical errors, conciseness, tone, sentence structure, and more. Using a simple highlight method, this tool makes it easy to see what you need to fix.

Use Content Automation Tools

Technology today has made it easier than ever to be an even better marketer. Use these content automation tools to expedite the content creation process. Bonus, you’ll also come up with better ideas, edit with more accuracy, and create a better experience for visitors.