10 Ways ChatGPT Helps Marketing Leaders Save Time and Find Inspiration

Jessica Thiefels on Tuesday, February 7, 2023


ChatGPT is the marketer’s new best friend and this is especially true for marketing leaders. This new tool can save you time and money while making your job easier and helping you and your team tap into new and creative ideas. 

I recently shared a podcast episode giving an overview of why ChatGPT is awesome, but still not enough. This list is an example of all the reasons why the tool is awesome, but far from a replacement for our expertise and experience as marketers.

For example, I searched: “write me an SEO-optimized blog post with the keyword ‘womens wellness.’” Here’s what I got:

As a marketing leader, you know this piece of content isn’t enough. While it includes some good information, it’s missing:

  • SEO-optimization to rank in Google
  • Personality or brand voice
  • Proper formatting
  • Depth of content
  • Sources and external links
  • Internal links

And yet it’s still something we can use as the foundation of a great blog post. If you’re curious about how to leverage ChatGPT in your leadership role, here are ten ways you can use it to automate and empower your content creation process.

1. Create a Thorough Outline

Getting the content you actually want from writers, in-house or freelance, can be challenging. ChatGPT can be used to create a thorough outline that ensures the content comes back to you with all the key points you had in mind. When I asked: “write an outline for a blog post about ‘women’s wellness’” this is what I got:

Continue asking questions or tweaking your initial question until you get an outline that matches your intention for the article.

2. Prepare Initial Research

You can’t get specific data sources from ChatGPT, but you can get reliable information in one place. This means it’s a great resource for your writers to get some initial background. For example, using the outline above, you could ask: “why do women tend to neglect their own health” and you’d get this: 

Your writers can then take the main outline, initial data, and supportive outlines like this and find the data sources that support the information. Conversely, they may find the data, discover it says otherwise, and then update the content to be accurate. 

Not only does this make your writers’ lives easier, but giving them more insight upfront can ensure that you get a better end result.

3. Work With Non-Technical Writers

Technical writers are important for creating content in certain industries. With ChatGPT, however, you may be able to work with writers that don’t have that technical expertise—and avoid paying the cost of a highly-specialized writer. 

One of the tool’s features is explaining complicated terms and ideas. They give an example on their home dashboard: “Explain quantum computing in simple terms.” What you get when you ask this question is:

Remember that you can keep asking questions to get further insight into the topic to help the writer understand even more. For some industries, this can be a great way to create technical content cheaply and easily, but for others, it may still not be enough.

4. Come Up With Blog Post Titles and Subject Lines

The headline of your content matters. It’s the first thing someone sees on social media platforms, among which 59 percent of the global population is active. It’s also what they see in their Google News notifications and on article collection platforms. If your headline doesn’t stand out, you risk losing clicks and shares.

Use ChatGPT to generate headline options. I asked, “give me 10 blog post titles about womens wellness and stress,” and got this:

Don’t just choose the one you love most, though. Score each one with Advanced Marketing Institute headline analyzer and go with the headline that scores the highest.

You can also use a similar question to come up with email subject lines. I asked, “write 10 email subject lines about CBD and womens wellness” and got these ideas:

 Use this as the basis for testing different types of subject lines and then compare the data.

5. Generate a List of Experts

If you need a list of experts to reach out to for podcast guests, blog sources, or any other piece of content, ChatGPT can generate that list for you. Instead of spending hours culling social media and Google, just ask for the type of person you need. I asked, “tell me the top 20 experts in womens wellness” and it told me:

You can also collect lists of social media accounts to reference in an article or to find re-sharable content for your Instagram stories. For example, I asked, “tell me best womens wellness Instagram accounts” and this is what I got:

6. Generate Content Ideas

It can be challenging to come up with fresh content ideas over and over again, especially when you’re sharing about similar topics month after month on all your platforms. Make it easier to come up with or get inspiration for new ideas with ChatGPT. 

For example, I asked, “20 blog post ideas about stress management for moms” and here’s the list I got:

Pair these ideas with your own unique brand voice and perspective to come up with social media posts, blog content, podcast episodes, and more. All in just a few minutes.

7. Cultivate a List of Interview Questions

Prepare to interview someone for an article or podcast by asking ChatGPT for some ideas, cutting down on your prep time significantly. For example, I asked: “10 common questions about womens wellness and CBD” and it shared this list:

You can also continue asking questions to probe deeper into the topic. For example, you might ask, “In which formats can you take CBD?” or other questions based on the guest, specific topic, or audience.

8. Automate Competitive Research

Anything involving specific data can be tricky with ChatGPT. However, it’s not impossible to automate the collection of some basic information that can be supportive of your competitive research. For example, I asked, “most shared mental wellness articles of 2021” and it responded: 

“I’m sorry, I do not have a specific list of the most shared mental wellness articles of 2021 as the data would be hard to track and may vary greatly depending on the source and criteria used for evaluation. However, articles that focus on practical tips and strategies for managing stress, improving sleep, and promoting overall mental wellness tend to perform well in terms of engagement and social sharing.”

When I changed gears and searched, “top-rated mental wellness apps in the apple store” it gave me this list:

If you’re looking to develop a new app, or update yours, this type of information can be helpful for competitive research. Play around with this search function to see how much of the work can be done for you.

9. Write a Video Script

You’re not a scriptwriter, and yet, all marketers are now becoming video gurus, creating, producing, editing, and publishing video content on a daily basis. ChatGPT can make this easier for you by writing the foundation for your script. I asked, “Instagram Reel script talking about mental health for women” and got this:

I took it a step further and searched, “1-minute script talking about mental health for women” to get something a little longer, but it gave me the same content. Again, this is where we push up against the limits of what can be done—but can still use it as a supporting tool. 

10. Re-Fresh Your Sales Pages

You live and breathe your product or brand. As such, your sales pages can get stale and boring, or you miss out on answering key questions or referencing specific concerns because you don’t think about those things as someone who’s so familiar with it. 

Take a step back and get a fresh perspective using ChatGPT. For this example, I asked, “write a sales page for CBD for womens health” and this is what I got:

While this isn’t a complete sales page, and it’s not formatted correctly, it can help you uncover new questions or ideas to incorporate in your content. 

Don’t Ignore ChatGPT—But Don’t Rely on It Either

ChatGPT is a powerful tool for marketing leaders, but it’s certainly not going to do your job for you. Use it as a tool to automate headlines, inspire new sales content, and generate lists that you can use for content creation across all your channels. Empower yourself and your team with this incredible new AI tool that’s only going to get more valuable.

ChatGPT Isn’t Enough, We Can Fill in the Gaps